About Us - Our Story

The Black ChairWhat began with a simple website back in 2012 has now grown into our very own modern rustic store. What started out as a hobby has turned into our dream. And it all started with a chair.

The Chair

It was a beautiful black leather reclining office chair – the retro 60s type that would sit perfectly with cigar and a glass of whisky. It was so comfortable and had a fantastic quality feel to it. It was a real statement and we loved it.

"If you had it in your room, it would be a talking point."

It made us realise how much people appreciate a fine piece of furniture as a centrepiece in their homes.

It featured in an issue of GQ and received a huge amount of interest. It was the first thing we ever sold. And it was a very sad moment to see it go, but it was so exciting.

We were hooked, and we knew we had to go and find more.

Going Once...

We loved auctions and trade fairs - the unique furniture you could find and the gems that were hidden away.

We came across some amazing curios, like an early 1900s German Colonial World Map. A truly unique find, it now hangs beautifully from the wall in my living room. I couldn’t bear to sell it!

The excitement of the auctions fuelled our passion and we continued to add to our collections for sale online. The website store was going well, but our collection of antiques and reclaimed items was taking over our home.

It was time to open a proper store.

The Store

Originally only selling vintage and reclaimed, we wanted people to come into our store and be inspired by our `re-claimed and re-loved` pieces.

"Furniture isn’t just about how it looks, but how it feels and sits in the room."

striking piece of furniture is a talking point that people really appreciate when in the same room, and we wanted people to come in and take a look around to share our passion and love for it.

Reckage at Home opened in July 2014 with Champagne, Strawberries, Vodka, and a splash of rain. But it was wonderful to see so many people come and enjoy what we had on offer.

We’re sure the alcohol had nothing to do with it.

And after visiting many trade fairs around the UK and Europe, we realised there were so many stunning pieces of modern furniture and accessories that could be the centre of attention in any home.

So we decided to create a combination of the old and new and start selling modern rustic brands and styles such as Lene Bjerre, Nkuku, and Voyage.

And Now?

We’re really excited about where we are and how far we’ve come.

Our store has some really unique and original modern rustic products, including our own  range of bespoke, handmade industrial furniture, designed and built in our workshop.

We continue to hunt out new finds and spend many evenings and weekends trawling the web, visiting auctions and showcasing our furniture at trade fairs.

We even stock a range of high quality paints and tools to create your own shabby-chic furniture and begin reclaiming your own collection.

So come and visit us, take a look around, and share our passion for Reckage at Home.